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Relief Exercise

Published: Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Relief Image: Elevation model in the Ardennes mountain.

Task: Segment the catchment basins of the various rivers.

Approach: The convenient tool is here the watershed of the image (and not of its gradient: we do not seek the contours of the rivers). But the image is noisy and one must extract the significant minima. As the rivers go down to the sea, which is outside, their lowest points, hence the significant minima, are necessarily placed on the edges of the field.

Keywords: watershed, minima, clohole closing, edges of the field.


  1. Find the pertinent markers.
  2. Swamp the initial image using this markers.
  3. Compute the watershed of the swamped image.
1. Pink Minima   2. Clohole of the negative of Image 1.
3. Swamping of the initial image by Mimina in Image 2. as markers   4. Watershed of the swamped Image 3. using minimas from Image 1. as marker.
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