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Electrophoresis Exercise

Published: Thursday, 26 December 2013
Bidimensional Electrophoresis

Task: Contour the spots.

Approach: Call f the electrophoresis image. The contours of its spots are given by the watershed of the gradient g of f. The major problem is to find the markers, because the image is noisy. A small closing yields the correct markers m of the spots. The watershed of f with these markers results in a connected divide line m’ which is indeed a marker of the background for gradient g . Then swamp g by the union of m and m’ for obtaining the contours.

Keywords: opening by adjunction, opening by reconstruction, anisotropy, residual, top hat.


Minima and watershed of the input image (used as marker for reconstruction) – The Minima provides marker for foreground and the Watershed for the background 2. Gradient of image swamped by reconstruction using marker from step 1


2. Gradient of image swamped by reconstruction using marker from step 1.


3. Contour obtained from the Watershed of the Swamped Gradient

Comment: This exercise concerns separated particles in a common background. One needs to mark the inside of the gradients and also the common background. This is depicted by Image 1.

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