Cervix Exercise

Published: Wednesday, 30 November -0001
Papanicolau Staining (the nucclei are the dark blobs)

Task: Contour the nuclei

Approach: The tool here is the watershed of the gradient image g. For getting the markers, threshold the image in such a way that each nucleus has at least one marker pixel, resulting in set A. Swamp the gradient g by set A. Use a clohole for suppressing the over-segmentation of the nuclei, and a small opening for eliminating the parasite lines.

Keywords: gradient, watershed, clohole, reconstruction opening, markers.

Alternative Approach: Segment by height of the component tree (thresholded and contour)



1. threshold (used as marker in step 3)


2. Alternated sequential Filter of Initial Image


3. Gradient of image in




4. Swamping of the Gradient in step 3 by marker in step 1


5. Watershed of the Swamped Gradient in step 4


6. Clohole of the Watershed (and extract contour by dilation)

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