Published: Monday, 23 December 2013

Exercise 1.

Task: Implement a crop operator, which extracts a part of the image.

Operators: insert_image


Exercise 2.

Task: Generate a random 2D image with small objects (for example filled circles) for the following exercise.

Operators: fill, random, size, area, labelfgd, minmax, size


Exercise 3.

Image: Those generated in Exercise 2.

Task: Take the image of random objects generated in Exercise 2. Cut it up to tiles simulating multiple acquisitions. Generate the histogram of the object-size-distribution on the tiles. Try to filter the objects that have been cut up on the borders to approximate the distribution in the original image. In the end You should have an algorithm, which is able to regenerate the histogram solely from the tiles without reconstructing the original image.

Operators: crop

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