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Published: Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Pink is licensed under the CeCILL free software license (full text of the license). The license is essentially GPL but it handles the question of jurisdiction in case of a legal dispute. There is, however, nothing to worry about. It only states that if there is a dispute between the parties of the license and they cannot agree on the jurisdiction of the dispute, than they shall settle they differences in the French court. This addition is useful for huge companies who must be able to predict the legal fees. Note that French legal fees are much lower than US legal fees.

You are permitted

  • Copy, use, and modify Pink without limitation within Your company.
  • Sell, provide support for, or publish Pink as long as You also publish the source code if modified and You pass all the rights You have obtained to your successors. Note: You also must not to enforce any patents related to Pink on your successors.

You must not

  • The license does not permit You to use any trademarks present in the software. If You want to resell the software You may need to remove them.
  • You cannot plagiarize the software or the algorithms in it.
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