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Published: Monday, 16 December 2013

PINK contains more than 200 image processing operators in a single package. Some of the operators a unique to PINK and there is no other implementation of them in any other library. For some of the operators PINK contains the only free implementation available. We have put lots of effort into making PINK easy to use and deploy. Main features include:

Image Processing

Single shared library

The core PINK is compiled into a single shared library (.so or .dll). Therefore You can apply it simply in many projects; embedded, desktop or server alike.

Python front-end

PINK has a dedicated Python front-end. The operators can be used in Python scrips and can interact with other libraries (such as PIL or PythonTK) using Python. Planned features include a Boost.Graphs wrapper as well as NumPy and SciPy.

Bash front-end

Every operator has a dedicated executable. This facilitates testing debugging and simple deployment existing frameworks or environments.


We have an advanced built-in 2D visualizer imview and simple 3D visualizer using Tk/PIL. There are also functions which can call PINK operators interactively.

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