Published: Monday, 16 December 2013

PINK is an image processing library originally developed at ESIEE Engineering for research and teaching purposes. It contains implementations of over 200 algorithms for image segmentation and filtering. Most of the operators come from mathematical morphology, but it contains operators from different fields. It is a free software licensed under the CeCILL license.

We are interested in the continuous development of Pink. It has already been proven useful in many applications and we are constantly looking for new ones.

We are using the rolling distributed development model. It is rolling because we only support the latest version and it is distributed as everyone is welcomed to become a developer. If You are interested in deploying Pink please take a look at the Support page.

For those who, would like to get started with image processing, there is an extensive set of tutorials on the Tutorials page. There are both easy and advanced exercises, which have been collected to teach image processing and showcase the capabilities of PINK.

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